Things to Do

Things to Do

Colli Della Sabini – 25.04.2018

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The area is famous for olive oil, of which we are also producers The Sabina offers visitors quaint villages, with charming historical towns. During the summer, every village has its feast days, during which you can dine ‘alfresco’ and sample the local fare (sausages, fried pizzas, Fritelli, bruschetta, grilled meat etc.). The Abbey of Farfa is the starting point for anyone interested in the historical, architectural and cultural area. There are churches, historic houses and lots of history in every village waiting to be explored.


La Camminata di San Francesco is a mystical path that connects all the places where the saint passed and left the sign of his immense faith. Along the way, you can find accommodation (hotels or B & B) and restaurants as well as beautiful countryside and spectacular views.

Those who are interested in the history of the Benedictine monks will follow the path that joins the Cistercian abbeys, including Farfa, which is the most important, and continuing south of Rome towards Naples, to eventually arrive at the equally famous Abbey of Monte Cassino, which was rebuilt after the Second World War bombings.


We have contacts with several riding centers, where it is possible to take part in enjoyable riding and spectacular trekking.

Beauty treatments – We have agreements with local beauticians for special rates and this can be organised either at Penucha Grove or at the local salon.

We organize courses on request: cooking, painting, yoga, General Music, Shiatsu, Photography, group dances, fitness.